eufyCam not respecting activity zones for motion detection

We have several eufyCams and the one near our front door is constantly going off based on traffic on the street. I have set up activity zones that specifically DO NOT include the street, so the motion detection should not be going off, but it is very clear that is what is activating the camera, as shortly after a car passes our house the camera sends a notification. I even tried experimenting with Privacy Zones, and that didn’t seem to help either (although I don’t like having the black boxes on my video). Any other suggestions on how I can get the motion detection to respect the activity zones? I have it set to detect motion because we like when we capture animals at night on the cam, so we don’t want to set it to people only.

You could ask at the EUFY forum as well :

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My guess is: They posted here because EUFY has thoroughly ignored this issue for more than 2 years now, and basically keeps shoving customers off.