Eufycam Hooked up to Solar Charger - Too Many Notifications When Charged

I have an original EufyCam that I recently added a third-party solar charger to. It works fine and charges the EufyCam as expected.

The problem is that every day about 10am Central, I start getting notifications that the battery is now fully charged. Nothing wrong with that except…it sends the notification multiple times. Originally it was about four times. Now I’m getting 30-40 (hmmm, almost like I’m getting one per day that the device has been installed).

I can’t make the notification stop in the settings and I really love the solar charging option for the cameras. Obviously, this is a Eufy software issue and not a problem with the third-party charger.

Any suggestions other than unplugging the solar charger?

Interesting puzzle. It’s not the official solar panel so I’d expect you’d have to overcome that initial official response. My advice is to go here

Join, post the question, but don’t mention the solar panel thing (to stop the “don’t use solar panel” default reply) and ask simply how to turn off fully charged notification workaround as that’s what you really want to know.

It would also be a “good to give” do a write up / photos / video of the parts you bought and assembly to help others do similar, solar is a good idea, some people have battery life issues, you’d be able to help from your example.

As mentioned post the question in eufy forum.
Have you changed Power Source in Settings->Power Manger from battery to Solar Panel?
Not sure if that will resolve the issue, but give it a try.

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I get this as well. I dont think its multiple notifications of the same “event” (that the battery is fully charged). Its like the battery gets fully charged - sends Notification - then battery drops slightly and gets fully charged AGAIN and sends a NEW notification. The SW code needs to be changed to allow the charge to drop to say 95% or lower before sending a new notification when it gets recharged.

I even tried to change the setting from Solar power to battery and still get 20 notifications every morning when it gets tops off.

Eufy - Please fix this - Its super annoying.