EufyCam E stopped sensing motion

My EufyCam E, which has worked perfectly since I bought it several years ago, has stopped sensing motion.

It will, however, record when one of my other cameras starts recording, through the rules I have set up.

I have checked all of my settings – sensitivity, etc. – and everything is set up how it is supposed to be.

Anybody know what might be the problem?

You could publish your question at eufy’s forum and/or contact the support.
What about the battery?

I thought this was the forum? And the battery is fine.

No there is another one.

I did. I clicked on the word “Forum” at the top of the page and made my post!

OK, thanks.

Try the simple things first,

Clean the lens and restart the Cam and reconnect it to the cam as if it is a new one.

Have you did all motion vs human mode. I have seen that once where it was not wanting to pick it up and they had to use all motion for it.

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