EufyCam E false alarms! :(

I have a EufyCam E in my family room, and twice over the last three months it has falsely notified me of movement, setting off alarms in the camera and the Home Base. Each time this has occurred at about 3 o’clock in the morning, rudely awaking me out of a sound sleep. (Btw: I live alone and have no pets.)

Each time I have quickly viewed my phone’s video, and found no motion in the room and no windows disturbed.

The funny (or scary) thing is, I bought the EufyCam to replace an older security camera made by Mace and mounted it in the same exact spot. The Mace camera also gave me false alarms about every three months … around 3 o’clock in the morning!

How is this possible, that two cameras made by completely different companies would behave the same way? Is my house haunted? If anybody can figure this out I’ll buy you a six-pack of beer.

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I’d look for a resonance in the vicinity. Like a sump pump.

Thanks, but there is nothing nearby that would cause any resonance. Certainly not at 3 o’clock in the morning about every 3 months!

Is there no lights flashing from DVD players, Tv’s etc that might flash is there is an update? My Tv updates at 2 AM every couple of months.

That is a possibility that I hadn’t thought of. I have a TV, DVR and stereo receiver all capable of getting firmware updates. I don’t think this would trigger the camera; there’s not that much heat given off my a tiny LED bulb. But I could test it by using a small flashlight in the darkened room.

The funny thing is, the video that was recorded during the event lasted only 0.06 sec.!
And in the past the videos recorded have been a little longer, but usually not more than 1 or 2 secs.

Really an odd issues, hope you can find out what’s wrong

Don;t have young newlywed next door to you if you are in an apartment. :rofl: