Eufycam app forced update

For several months I’ve been using an old app version due to the a feature that I use being removed (can’t remember which one)
Every time I opened the app it asked me to update, annoying but I could still use the app

This morning I went to check my cameras and it wouldn’t let me in the app without updating, considering there’s a thread about the latest version having issues I am not happy

Why has Anker made it go from a notification that can be closed to a app blocking popup?

Think it’s time for me to pull out the android SDK and have a poke around


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Even with this forced update you still haven’t sorted out the missing landscape features compared to portrait

Surely it’s easier to have all the options available in landscape then have 2 pages in portrait

What’s the deal with donate?

My guess, you can submit an interesting clip which Eufy could use in PR materials…

Hello! @ hhamster86 Sincerely apologize for all inconvenience caused by the update. The App update is usually followed with the associated firmware upgrade for HomeBase or Camera. The updated functions in App will be better fit for the HomeBase and camera operation. We will try our best to forward your concern to our engineer team and hope they can further improve the available options for upgrade. As for the image display, could you please try contacting us via and provide us with the associated information of your devices. Our support staff will forward the issue to our engineer team for a further checking. Again sincerely apologize for all inconvenience caused and thanks so much for your valuable time!