EufyCam 2C Status Light is stuck on


The status light eventually went off by itself, many hours later. A few hours after that, the icons showing that the device was charging when it no longer was, also went back to normal.

Since then, the devices have has status lights and icons reporting charging/not charging status correctly when plugged into an Anker charger I had.

See the original problem below.


  • EufyCam 2C Status Light is stuck on
  • Battery Charging indicator is also stuck on (shows in both EufyCam app and Homekit Home app)

This started after I charged the cam for awhile, using the supplied microUSB cable the base station to supply power. When I removed the Cam, the light stayed on.

I have tried:

  • using the EufyCam app to turn the Cam off then on
  • restarting the Base Station.
  • turning off then back on the switch for the status light to indicate recording
  • turning on then back off the switch for using the status light to indicate live view


  1. How do I fix this?
  2. Did I do something wrong to cause it?


Try resetting it by pressing the button in the back

Good Day, I just got my system yesterday and I have the same problem. I will try resetting the HomeBase 2 tonight. I also have one of the cameras that opens the spotlight every time I got to live view. Then I turn it off in the app. Is there a way to reset the cameras?


Did you find a solution?

My EufyCam 2C has the same symptoms.

  • Status light on
  • Showing charging even though off of charger.
  • Excessive battery use

It healed itself somehow, but based on other odd behaviors that were helped by certain actions, I suggest just doing all of the following:

Update the phone app to the latest
Use the app to check for any firmware updates for the camera and the homebase Restart the home base, through the phone app.
Reset the camera, by pressing the sync button on the camera 5 times in rapid succession. It will beep and shut down. Wait 10-30 seconds or so, then press the sync button again to wake it back up. (Press and hold sync, press once, press twice- I don’t recall.)

I did try your proceedure using the Reset and it did resolve this issue. The camera still has problems but they are different now.