Eufycam 2c - Geofencing still (since month) not working

…with multiple stations and multi user.

Had so many tickets with this (19243476, 50375635 and many others) and
still nothing is happen.
I know, Geofencing is beta, but at this point it is not usable with this issues.
Told you so many time the issues, please read the history.

Regards - Wolfgang

Same here on my side - geofencing is still not working!!! Regardless what you’re doing in the App with all the settings. I am always getting the message “Waiting”. Going into the settings of the other phones and confirm the “geofencing request” doesn’t change anything.

Based on the that the whole system is useless!!! I don’t want to arm and disarm the alarming by hand every time!

@Eufy support: please fix this asap!!!


My suggestion: make this function dependent on the ssid of the customers. this is much easier for all involved.
it should work like this: you come home, the iPhone logs into your home wifi, alarm is deactivated. if you leave home, the alarm is activated (with delay). this can be used for all devices in the local wifi.

Geofencing is useless the way it works now.