Eufycam 2c battery drain too fast

One out of my 4 eufycam 2c cameras have high battery drain. The battery first drained within about 20 days and has been recharged and already is back down to only 2 bars of battery left. The camera only gets about 1-2 recordings per day and all the other 3 cameras still have 3-4 bars of battery left and have no been recharged yet.

I have had the kit for about 50 days so any ideas why the camera is only lasting about 25 days on battery instead of 180?

I have tried removing the camera and resycing it but no improvement. Is there anyway to see whats draining the battery?

If the other cameras in your 4 camera setup are recording with the same settings, have the same general daily recording activity yet have no issues I would lean towards the battery for the affected camera having a possible defect.

Might be worth reaching out to with your issue, settings currently in place for the camera with battery drain vs the non-effected and any troubleshooting steps you may have already taken.

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Since the new firmware I have the same issue Battery drain very fast after a full charge a few days I have to recharge it - very strange any information about that ?

They gave me the usual rubbish about turning down the sensitivity or because the temperature is too hot/cold and ignored the fact it was 1 camera out of 4. I’ll be returning the whole kit and go back to arlo.

That sounds really sad :sleepy:- so now my camera is empty and stopped automatically regarding low battery now I will charge it and test it again to reproduce it - I will post a update here…

Yeah keep me updated

So after 10h charging i put it back to my position at 10am at the morning and now 15h later i receive a notification from this camera battery low please @AnkerSupport bring back the battery lifetime that really really sad :sleepy:

Sorry to hear about the issue and hope Anker can resolve the issue. I do have a question.

Are the cameras assigned like is the camera that is drained like if it was camera one? If that is the case, I wonder if you can switch the setup and make camera 2 as camera 1. And 1 to 2 and see if the new camera 1 will drain quicker. If that is the case then it may be a firmware issue causing a camera to just drain (ie it is on all the time). Just a thought.

I could figure out that my HomeKit Integration was the reason - I disable the the HomeKit Funktion and everything works fine and the battery drain not anymore

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Glad yours is fixed, Mine is still draining the battery, its already on its 3 charge and my other 3 cameras are on their first charge. Will be returning the whole system and drag out my arlo system again that i put away after buying this.