EufyCam 2 & Homekit Simultaneous streams

HomeKit has been a great addition to the EufyCam 2. But I’ve noticed some issues when streaming video in HomeKit or other HomeKit apps (ex HomeCam) and found that it can only stream live video one cam at a time. According to “HomeCam” support, there seems to be a Eufy hardware/firmware limitation to one simultaneous stream.

Eufy - is this truly a firmware limitation, and if so, any future plans to allow more than one stream? It comes in really handy in HomeKit apps like HomeCam to be able to view multiple cams at once.


Complete dealbreaker for me too. I’m still in the return window and will be returning these if this is indeed not possible.

Maybe they listen to you and push an update to allow for more than 1 stream

Pretty sure the app only can stream one at a time too.

I have added my eufycam2 to HomeKit favorites, but it drains the battery like crazy! It seems HomeKit updates all 10sec the picture it shows on the fav screen (that screen is “always on” here at our iPad on the wall) - means the battery died after 2 days… Any recommendation?

I think it’s down to the iPad use as the hub. I’ve had my Eufycam 2s integrated into HomeKit using an Apple TV as the hub for weeks now and the batteries are all still showing 95% or better.

I have iPad & 4 AppleTV, the HUB is “distributed” - I don’t know whether Apple allows a designated Hub, the Home app has no such function.

I rather think it could be that we have the camera, even when at home, on detection. Problem is that if we turn them off when at home, we miss to arm at night - where we want them. Eufy yet doesn’t allow the function to couple schedule & geofencing…

I have my AppleTV as my Home app hub…

And for me it shows 4 hubs :wink: … not even the iPad :smiley:

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Only the Apple TV 4 (HD) and the Apple TV 4K can be used as a home hub for HomeKit. Perhaps make sure on the of the 4K ones is linked to the home app as the designated hub.

My HomeBase has just received and update in the last couple of minutes. This might resolve your issues. See the point one…

So much for discussing the limitation of only one simultaneous camera stream by Eufy either in HomeKit related apps (ex HomeCam) or the Eufy app itself. :thinking:


im glad you bring this up i have pre ordered the eufy indoor cam 2k and plan to use the home cam for home HomeKit app my self i hope that they will push a update so that they allow more than one stream at once im hopeful that maybe the limit comes with there bace station as the indoor 2k cam is wired and does not require a bace i will post back when i get my cameras setup. side note on that they say HomeKit not avalible yet but seen a youtube video that does show it set up with HomeKit its 14:55 in and yes this is the pan and tilt ver but that once is supposed to be released later. we shall see

I have both the wired indoor cam and the wired pan/tilt cam models and both of them are limited to only 1 stream at a time within the Eufy app despite the fact that they are wired (A/C powered) and connect directly to wifi without a base station. This is very disappointing and I would expect Eufy to fix this soon. Frankly, I am surprised they did not resolve this before they released these new wired (A/C powered) cams. Eufy, what gives here!?

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