Eufy Wireless Video Doorbell US availability

Hey all,

Just wanted to share this in case anyone is wondering like I was. The Eufy Wireless Video Doorbell cam is indeed available via Amazon currently, there’s just a very limited stock apparently.

I had been consistently checking the Amazon page, and last night (2/7) it happened to show as available for purchase ($199 USD). I purchased immediately, and today received a notification from Amazon that it shipped.

TL;DR Keep checking the Amazon page - you might time it right and snag one soon!



Well done, your persistence has paid off.
Would be great to hear what you think once it’s installed and set up.


Happy to share my experience with it once its up and running.

I actually owned the wired version, but returned it about a month ago, as my existing doorbell is located perpendicular to my front door, only allowing a view of the left side of a visitor, and no view of the stairway to my door.

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Ah I see.
Hopefully this will give you the better placement you’re after :+1:t2:

Had mine for a couple days from Amazon. Very impressed. Connects rapidly, very easy set up, very clear video.


That’s good to know @Eufy151 :+1:t2:

Eufy isn’t the best when it comes to rolling out new products. Drip…drip…drip. Are early adopters there Beta testers? Mind you I’m a happy wired Doorbell customer, just an observation.

Dang - that’s frustrating - been refreshing the Amazon page every couple of hours and clearly missed the very limited window of opportunity!

Edit - Wooho! It’s back available this morning - just got my order in! With Amazon Prime it will be here tomorrow! (can you tell I’m excited?)

Edit 2 - Thinking about this some more, it may well be that these may be available regionally on Amazon - the ‘Amazon alert’ email came this morning at 8:47am (to 2 different email addresses registered on Amazon); but there was no alert yesterday which leads me the regional conclusion; you do have to put zip code to check if you are not already logged in as a Prime member, so I would have to believe it might be available for different parts of the US depending on specific distribution centre availability - hence why I didn’t see it yesterday, nor receive an alert.
So for anyone who wants to get this at the first availability, set up an Amazon alert to inform you when it it is available for purchase.
At this time of writing (Saturday morning, 8th Feb) it is still showing available for me (I am in Central California)

At least you have the option to buy it - don’t understand why this isn’t available globally, unless they can’t manufacture enough !

as per @AnkerTechnical on another thread

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Ok - thanks
Nearly took the plunge on a ring before Xmas but I’ll wait now

$50 off coupon available for Amazon … had to get one ! :innocent: