Eufy takes off on its own while we are sleeping - not programmed

I never programmed it, but I tried clearing it anyway. Happened again. Ideas?


Have you tried rebooting the vacuum?

If you speak about a RoboVac.

Please check the timing (am / pm) of the remote.
Easiest is to take off the batteries of the remote
This will do a reset of the remote.
There should no time set to bee seen at the undermost field of the display,
There the schedule of the RoboVac is displayed.


Mine does the same!
Never programmed. Only used on manual. Worked perfectly for 2 months, now- for 5 nights- it takes off, gets tangled somewhere and runs out of battery before I wake up. Tried switching on/off. Tried to actually program a scheduled time (& yes, time am/pm is correctly entered), but it ignores.
Sad… I love my little ‘eufy’!

There jave been a few reports of eufys either behaving oddly on their own or getting “lost” from their homes. Which model are you using?

I remember mine did the same some month ago.
I did the steps I suggested.

But there comes me one thing in mind.
When it is fully charged I take it always from the charger.
So there is NO light shown at the display anymore.
You could try this.
So may be this is the reason mine doesn’t get the idea to stroll around at night like a tom cat! :grin:

But of course there must be an error with such behaviour.
Ask the support and please tell us, if they give you a solution of the issue.

Maybe you should teach the vacuum some manners :joy:

I hope its not the cat :slight_smile:
EufyCam can help

I had this issue. Programmed at 7:30 but bot went early bird on me about an hour early. All I had to do was point the remote at the bot while pressing the schedule button as if I were making a new schedule. In the case of setting no schedule, press and hold the schedule button while pointing at the bot and it should clear the ghost schedule from it.

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Forgot to say you’ll hear a confirming beep from the bot when you perform this function to let you know the message was received.

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This might work as well.
But stealing the battery of the remote and replace it after 15sec makes the robot loose his temptations to stroll around unwatched and suspicous in the night. :joy:

This method is a real “reset”.

Love the little bot, but now I’m out about $800! Eufy 11s left it’s base at midnight (not scheduled and I was asleep) entered the room where my laptop was charging, got tangled in the power cord and pulled it onto the floor. It landed on the plug, breaking the charging port and the motherboard. As for the scheduling, it was once programmed to go at midnight but I cleared it per instructions. Now we keep it in the laundry room and close the door. And just a couple hours ago it got loose again but was contained in the room. I did the battery removal trick. We’ll see if that works. Hey support! I’ll accept a check or money order!

Removing the battery from the remote control and the robot should create a reset.
Should work.
Same behavior my 11S “Willy” had, but I “cured” him that way.

I’m going to try this. My 11s woke me up again in the middle of the night. Sigh. Hopefully it works!