[eufy SmartDrop] The "Size DOES matter" Survey ;-)

Dear eufyanics and backers at kickstarter! :wave:

As most of you may know, eufy started the next (2nd) kickstarter campaign yesterday:

Secure Deliveries Made Easy with SmartDrop

:link: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/smart-drop/take-control-over-your-deliveries-with-eufy-smart-drop/

See the SmartDrop Video Trailer:


And even if eufy tries to tell us, that 98% of all parcels and packages would fit into the eufy SmartDrop, not even 24h after start of the kickstarter campaign, there are many comments and concerns of the already 1K-backers, that the size of the SmartDrop is much too small and that only one size of the SmartDrop Box will be not enough. As you can see by the following quotes i will post here:




Quotes about the small size of the SmartDrop in the first 16h already, after start of the kickstarter campaign:

Quote #1


Quote #2

Quote #3


Quote #4



So dear backers, dear interested eufyanics … please use your voice and vote your favorite in the following survey. I will post the survey in the next post, to make it easier and clearer if someone wants to post a link directly to the survey, without all the text and introduction from me before :wink:



Inspired by the eufy SmartDrop kickstarter campaign comments section and backer-requests shown above, i would like to help eufy and start a

[eufy SmartDrop] The “Size DOES matter” Survey :wink:

  • I DO NOT NEED more than one SmartDrop Box-Size. The one and only current size at the kickstarter campaign does fit with my needs completely.
  • I WOULD NEED and REQUEST at least one more and much bigger SmartDrop Box-Size! So the backers and later buyers can choose which size(s) they want and need. (If you back the 2-kit for example, you could choose the smaller box and one bigger version.)
  • I would even recommend to make THREE sizes available. One SMALLER than the current version (for small parcels and letters/magazines), the CURRENT size, and a MUCH BIGGER version (for the real big things).
  • I don’t need a eufy SmartDrop, so i don’t really care.
  • What the hell is a eufy SmartDrop?!

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@AnkerSupport @AnkerTechnical @AnkerOfficial @Insider

Hint: You may consider, depending on how the survey turns out, to add one or more smaller/bigger SmartDrop Versions/Sizes as Kickstarter Stretch Goals! :+1: In addition to the current StretchGoal:

$0.5 Million Stretch Goal: A smaller SmartDrop Version
$1.0 Million Stretch Goal: A bigger SmartDrop Version
$1.5 Million Stretch Goal: Different Color Versions
$2.0 Million Stretch Goal: A adjustable in height SmartDrop base


Good job on the survey!

Personally I would suggest a larger one having at least 485mm x 460mm X 660mm (19 inches X 18 inches X 26 inches) clear internal space allowing for 97% of all products that Amazon fulfills, to at least fit inside.


You are welcome @Andrew_Cromarty

I checked and measured the sizes of the parcels i just received this month. In total 31 parcels, mostly from amazon, which of 7 would have NOT FIT in the current SmartDrop size :frowning:

Example of not fitting packages:

  • A slush machine
  • A vacuum robot cleaner (width: 44 cm and the SmartDrop only got 36,5 respectively 32cm)
  • A Pillow (but just because the sender used a much too big parcelbox)
  • A Awning Pole (even if it was just a small pole of 100cm, regular are about 160-200cm)
  • and several more.

So what do i buy two eufy SmartDrops for, if so many parcels would not fit?! :scream:

They really need to overthink the size and/or add additional sizes so we can choose of.

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The definitely need to increase the size or offer different sizes. I personally have no need for it but I bet people would like to have a bigger option, especially during Christmas

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I guess with this sort of thing Anker cant win.
However big it is, it will be too small for some.
However small it is, it will be to big for some.

I have a perfect solution for this and practice it myself. I get stuff delivered when i’m going to be home and if i’m not sure ill get it delivered to someone who will be.
Both these solutions are neither too big or small :rofl:

LOL … this is ONE possible solution @paulstevenewing .

The other one is to just offer at least 2, better 3 different sizes of the eufy SmartDropBox :+1: :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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I am not really thrilled about the eufy SmartDrop, just because I don’t need it today but may need in future… so i can think of it later…

All good points in this article… one thing is very clear, Anker / Eufy need to cater to small to large size delivery package size. The One-Size-Fits-All concept is old, and not a workable solution any more.

True words … i hope @AnkerOfficial @AnkerTechnical @AnkerSupport are listening … ehm reading :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

For most people, I can agree with what your saying, but for me as a night shift worker who has elderly neighbors who I’d never want to put out by constantly relying on them taking my parcels, having one of these in a large enough size so the courier’s don’t have to wake me up in the day, well you can’t put a price on a solid day of sleep

But I guess I could get them delivered in my days off, but when you work nights, your days off never start until 4pm at least either and I’m yet to find a many courier’s that allocate late afternoon/evening deliveries


Telescopic box???

I understand your predicament @Andrew_Cromarty
I did the night shift (10pm until 6am) when I was young, it was tough and I had to go back to day shifts as it really messed me up.
Im not saying the SmartDrop doesn’t have its place.
It’s just whatever is made there will always be someone who feels it should be something else/different.

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First official result / action / answer / response from eufy:


As a family that gets packages delivered almost daily, we would need a larger drop box. On a good day our postal worker plays tetris to fit every small package in the mail box, but all larger stuff gets dropped on the porch. Sometimes even by the garage because the porch gets full, so a large box is indeed needed.


@AnkerSupport @AnkerTechnical @AnkerOfficial

It would be nice to read something official from you guys in here :+1:

Im sure you mean Tetris @Tank
Testis is a whole new ball game, literally :smile::rofl::smile:

Have a look INSIDE THE (much bigger) SMART-DROP-Box! :wink:

(Enough space for a lot of packages)


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Not sure about Smart Drop… But i do like Tetris and this gif brings back good old memories :blush:

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@yamyam Looks like Eufy is listening to Customer requests over Kickstarter as well as Anker community here

Got an email from Eufy for Survey on Smart Drop:

Not sure if all of you have received it or is it only me so far

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