Eufy Security Product Users - Eufy Security Community looking for Moderators!

There will be some work, but mostly community driven like we flag the content, closing duplicate. Knowing no competitions going on for Eufy Security, i think it should be a cool place for moderator … unless there is a mass exodus on spam, you should be good…,

with due respect to mods / admins, there are members much more active than them!

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Thank you for your xx cents guys…

LOL… but they do their part when it comes, and good to have them on here and Collective.

Of course, they are the critical part of the system and doing great job!!, everything works like a gear system… and depends on other one… one cannot work without the other… hope I am clear this time :wink:

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:+1: :bowing_man:

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Hope you apply and get selected there, best of luck @Ice1 :+1:

My votes are with you (if it comes to it)

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Most of the posts that I’ve removed in the past have been flagged by you @Shenoy :sweat_smile:

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:smiley: now you are giving a bad label… just kdg :rofl: @TechMan

Thanks @Shenoy… let’s see if it works out for me :slight_smile:

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So I actually own a forum and am a moderator and got volunteer co-moderators to get coverage, it’s on a topic and products I use regularly. I arrange the funding and hosting. So I am knowledgeable and interested, asking my own questions when I don’t know the answer, and answering other questions when I am more knowledgeable. As there are no free things, no giveaways, there is no real need for the type of abuse this forum here can come under of bots, fake accounts and people trying to get free stuff. As such, moderating is very easy, just a couple of bad situations a year (mostly a fake user who then tries to post links to products for sale).

The issue with being an Eufy moderator is there are many Eufy products, you can’t really own all of them or have ownership experience, the products are expensive, for example you can only own so many EufyCams so unlikely you have one of each.

So the moderator roles I do are not burdensome, in many ways means I can get stuff done without asking a moderator to do it for me, but I can see the Eufy one being burdensome.
Personally I just think they should pay someone or give them an annual credit $$$ to spend on anything Eufy security

The other aspect is how much time you can give, and when you can give it. Remember many of us have been forced to stay home, so time spent unable to moderate (driving, working, moving around) has been less for most of us. In my case the lockdown then a broken arm, coming out of winter meant I’ve have months of being able to be look at a screen, but recently I have been spending many hours moving and incapable of timely moderating.


:arrow_up: is :+1: :ok_hand:

This is something many here and I have been asking for Anker Community (& on Soundcore community)

Yeah and ditch the contributor concept in this community, it was never a good idea. New Admin should revisit.

They are dividing the moderator responsibility’s among 3 mods on 3 different sets of products. Also since it’s only security (not home products) it’s actually a lot less work.

If they actually give each moderator every new eufy security product, then I think that would be a sufficient “reward”.

I don’t get anything on soundcore for being moderator- but I’m not required to do anything technically. It’s more giving me the ability to do so if something needs to be done.

Every product x3 with possibly no exposure benefit (like a YouTuber etc), ouch…hope they have a decent budget going :cold_sweat:

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If you think about it, they don’t release that many products every year. And of course the actually manufacturing / handling cost is much lower for them, then for the consumer.

But yeah, that does seem like quite a large reward :laughing:.

While it sounds too good to be true that is not practical when comes to justification. They may go once in quarter or twice a year thing most likely. Again, it’s not clear what they mean by:

You bring a good point there @ndalby

I think it is fair for Anker / Soundcore / Eufy to promote the mods if they have Twitter / Youtube / Instagram accounts, like tagging them / promoting them, when the company products are shared for such as review, photos, articles… You help Me <–> I help You!

Like Neil said

Given they said the same thing here:

And yet that was not actually true.

Completely different staff, so I don’t think you can compare the different promises this way :innocent:.

Funny was going to reference the original and your recent post however thought most would be able to read between the lines (or make a connection) :slight_smile:

Main problem with that is that most YouTubers with a following that could yield a good quid pro quo for them, are most likely too busy on a daily basis to close threads, read new threads etc…

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I applied, I have a few Security products and and versed on them. I also got time on my hands so we shall see.