Eufy Security Mobile App

The Eufy mobile app is, from a user perspective, clunky and unsophisticated.

(1) It does not make use of the phones’ GPS to automate the Home/Away function. Thereby releasing the user from “manually” having to select either state. Also, more than one phone number should be registered for GPS thereby allowing the system know when all numbers are “away” turning all system function/features on— if one of the registered numbers is not away, then the system remains in the “home” state until that number leaves.

(2) The home/away states are clunky. Each state should enable/disable key function/features of the system depending upon the active state (e.g., if home, user selected camera(s) turn off, motion detection turns off, etc. and if away, those camera functions turned off will automatically turn on for full operation–but still can be manually disabled.

(3) The app does not function well with iPad-- app remains in iPhone mode in portrait orientation. The app needs to be iPad friendly and allow for landscape orientation of display for both iPad and iPhone.

(4) The camera lens covering is subject to water spotting after rain or snow causing image to be unclear or obstructed by dried waters spots and dust. The lens covering should be treated with a hydrophobic or olleophobic protectant that enable the outdoor camera to repel rain, snow and smudges.

(5) The TIMESTAMP that displays on each camera’s video is WRONG, and is not recognizing the local time of the router. There is NO way to force or manually update the timestamp to the correct local time—so all my archived videos display a wrong DATE/TIME. Please, please fix this.

(6) There is NO way to delete the sensor Open/Close log entries on the mobile app. Although these entries are, in terms of memory, quite small-- I have no need to create a sensor log file that is hundreds and hundreds of sensor status notices deep as an archive. These files should be able to be deleted both manually and automatically through scheduled triggers.

Yeh that’s not a problem just refresh the page to see if it is still available to send


I’m sorry-- but your response, to my post, is unclear to me. Please elaborate. Thx.

We are introducing geofencing soon!

You can go to home/away modes at the moment, and choose what you would like those states to do!

Thank you! This is something many customers have been asking about - so you’re not alone! We are working on optimizing our app!

Thank you for your feedback on this as well! We have had a lot of other backers have this issue as well. Fowarded!

Try to reformat the SD card! This will fix most of these small bugs in the system.

On a semi-related note - what is the firmware version of your system?

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As of 09:07 18-Dec
Software: (11-30 23:57)
Subsys: (11-28 11:42)

Per your suggestion-- reformatted SDcard-- that did not correct the timestamp. The wrong timestamp displays in the live video output and the archived video. I am located in Eastern Standard Time (US) and the timestamp displays ~5 hrs difference. (ex: present local time-- 09:14 AM, video displayed time–02:14 PM).

With regard to your response to item #2 – the current home/away settings does not allow for setting cameras to off/on separately based upon home/away selection. Each camera can be set to on/off by device but state cannot be attributed to home/away selection so that device can be on away state and off in home state. These changes to device state, regardless of home/away state, require manual change by user.

You should see our new update,, pushed to your system very soon. You can find more info about the update here: Important Software Update for eufyCam

Now, even changing the timezone manually - does this not fix the issue?

If not, hold on until the new firmware, as that will resolve this bug you are having.

Unfortunately, changing time manually does not affect the timestamp on the camera video. As for firmware update-- as of 12/20/18 my HomeBase unit has yet to receive the latest update.

I’m having the same problem…wrong time on all cameras…Base has the right tiemzone on it but cameras are off by 14 hours…changing the timezone manually - does this not fix the issue.

Waiting for an fix since wrong time cannot be used as evidence as the camera system is not reliable!! This is a serious issue for me. Need an urgent fix on this.

Change to a different time zone, save the settings and then switch to your correct time zone and save the settings. That’s what has worked for me when it got out of sync

Yes, try this. worked for me.