Eufy Security - Early Black Friday Deals

Some early Black Friday deals are up on Amazon UK for Eufy Security products, might end up lower in flash sales on Black Friday but if you’re in a hurry…

Solo Indoor Cam £25.99

EufyCam 2C £62.99

EufyCam 2C 2 Cam Kit £139.99

eufy Security Solo IndoorCam P24, 2K Pan & Tilt £32.99

eufy Security, Battery Video Doorbell Kit with Chime £69.99

eufy Security Floodlight Camera £89.99

eufy Security, SoloCam E20 £64.99


Is it really “early black Friday”?
In China they got a so called “Singles Day” to offer “bargains”.
Some dealers here do the same.
Its the 11.11.
I never heard from but the commerce is inventing many things to steal customer’s money.



Flash sales tend to be extremely rapid as limited by quantity, I’ve seen them go in minutes.

You can look at future flash sales start times and products and set an alarm to look when they open.

If you really want a product.

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I hope to see some good sales in the US :grin:

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Nice find! Great black friday deals!

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Nice share @ndalby

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Nice deals fro the UK folks… I guess the deals

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