Eufy Security Desktop Won't Display Cameras

When I go to the Eufy Security “desktop portal” I login and my cameras show no devices. Does anyone know why? I don’t not pay for a monthly subscription.

Have you enabled Adobe Flash? Windows disables it by default.

I have a similar problem, When I log into the web site ( ) I see my 3 devices, but even after enabling flash, I just get an intermittant blinking screen, followed by " Request timeout . Please try again" Multiple repeats produce the same result. Same result in both Chrome and Edge browsers. A ‘wireshark’ trace shows the conversation with AWS, but nothing is displaying? I seems to be polling the devices, as their Serial #s are available.

Same here for my security floodlight. Doorbell works fine. All OK on the phone app but no luck on the desktop.

Nothing changed on my end, but now I can view live stream from all 3 cameras> Anyone at Anker/EUFY care to comment on what was amiss prior to this morning - Dead AWS instance, perhaps?