eufy Security authentication email

Hi all,

I get a considerable delay waiting for this email at night time (UK) that I eventually give up waiting and go to bed and try again the following day. Is there something going at eufy or is there high congestion on the eufy network that causes this?

It’s happened a few times now when I was setting up other devices.

Not noticed any unusual delay in the few instances I’ve needed to use, most likely a touch of server congestion. I would suggest asking who would be able to let you know if there were service/performance issues on the days/times you were waiting for the email.

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Also try asking at the Eufy forum of you don’t hear back from support

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Thanks guys. If it happens again with the next device I setup I’ll post in the forum :wink:

Issue happening again and I have posted on the other forum, lets see what the response is over there.

Just out of curiosity, anyone else having this issue and is in the UK (although if it’s the same server issuing the auth emails then it should affect everyone)?

Waiting over 20 minutes for the email so far.