Eufy Security Alarm System—Your One-Stop Solution for a Safe and Secure Home

Cheap, much cheaper than the Eufy ones will be!
The only thing missing from the Pan and Tilt version over Eufys is zoom. Eufy quotes zoom but I’m not sure if thats in live mode or as a standard camera while recording.
The TP Link camera will allow zoom while viewing live or recorded footage but it doesn’t allow you to zoom to effect the recorded picture.

Pan and Tilt


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Nice! I too have a competitor’s cameras and they work fine for the money I paid ($20-$30). Back when I bought them they didn’t have their cheaper cameras and I wasn’t willing to pay a big amount so something I didn’t really need.
Great price on the sd card btw!!

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I understand, i had the same opinion.
Didnt really have the need for them but at that price it was more for the gadget and fun appeal.
I have until end of June to return to Amazon if Eufy announces a UK release date - they haven’t hit yet and not holding my breath.

Lol same here, at that price it was too hard to pass.
I also got some sensors and a light bulb. The sensors go for $20, comes with 2 sensors and a motion detection sensor and the light bulb goes for $8

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That sounds great. What brand did you go with?
Mine is only compatible with TP Link bulbs and smart plugs, but I’ve already got loads of smart plugs so I’m not seeing these as a “system” as such.

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Anker community is a bit restrictive on mention of Non-Anker brands… Many of our posts were removed because of such mentions in the past.

So it may be in the best interest not to mention other brand names and just refer as Non-Anker / Non-Eufy… I myself try to limit posting brand names.

My 2 cents / pence :innocent:

(Though things might have changed now… :roll_eyes:)

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I hear you @Shenoy but think its good for a brand to see what they have been losing out to while snoozing!
They can sensor me if they want, but to me it would show a brand can’t take it on the chin, as after all im not comparing or saying another brand is better.
I would have been happy to buy the Eufy product if it was available. I’m they hoping publish a confirmed UK release date before my final return date, as ill send back what i have in favour of Eufy.

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I have some non-eufy cams, and these serve the purpose, fine with those, so far my first and only eufy Security product is Eufy Entry Sensor, plan to test / use it next week :wink:

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That looks good. Is it a standalone product or does it connect to a base?

You know what… It’s an excellent question :+1:

Looks like it Requires eufy HomeBase to use. HomeBase not included in the package, needs to be bought separately. Meaning it will stay in the Box :frowning:

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I think I seen at the Eufy community that they were working on a fix for this. This is a big issue for people who are new to the Eufy environment


Oh no :pensive:
Not sure if you can buy the homebase separately can you?
Might have to invest in a security kit too :+1:t2:

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Have not been following eufy Security for entry sensor on Eufy community… If that is the case… Thats good news!

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I will pick up the Door Sensors and Motion detectors but only when they have IFTTT integration. I would want it to turn lights on etc if nighttime and things like that so camera’s can capture better footage.

Got response on it at Eufy Security Community

  • Can Entry Sensor be used without HomeBase? No

  • Can standalone HomeBase be bought separately?Currently eufy doesn’t sell homebase2 separately but they sell separately in next generation of homebase.

Meaning the unit i have will sit tight in the Box i received!


That’s a shame @Shenoy
Will you keep it and buy a security pack or send it back?

@Shenoy now that you have an extra sensor, you can buy eufy security kit package that comes with a homebase :grinning: or one of the eufycam or the doorbell :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Aw man that sucks. They should’ve specified that.
I would’ve not entered the giveaway knowing this information

I agree on needing the option for professional monitoring on the alarm system. I am have setup one door sensor to test before buying enough for all doors and windows. I spoke with my wife last night and she would not want an alarm system that does not have the ability to be monitored 24x7x365 by a service. Since there are companies that provide the service with any monitoring system, this should be a fairly easy thing for Anker to negotiate and provide in a software update by connecting to the monitoring service provider through an API, with optional equipment for cellular and traditional landline connecting.

nice does this prevent pets setting it off mistakenly ?