Eufy Robovac 11s Review

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I won a Robovac in the 3yr anniversary event and wanted to return my thanks to @AnkerOfficial by adding a review.

Before we get into the product, and in keeping with the theme in this community, we named our Robovac. So here is my review of Mary Poppins the Robovac!

In keeping with the other Eufy products I own, the outer packaging is plain and simple.

Everything is neatly packed and accessible.
In the box you’ll find the vacuum, charging base with power supply, spare set of rotating brushes, filter, cable ties, cleaning tool, remote control and batteries.

First Impressions,
Great looking vacuum. Nice shiny top, good weight and a feel - even the plastic parts feel sturdy.
The charging base is quite light so I’m not sure how successful the docking process will be.

Setting Up,

Other than a charging, and clipping on the rotating brushes it’s ready to get cleaning.
You can use without the remote, just press the button on top to start the automatic mode.
If you want to set a regular schedule so the vacuum does it’s thing without any manual input or use one of the other modes, you’ll need to get the remote programmed.
Set this while close to the vacuum as it sends the current time and your scheduled start time to the vacuum.
Setting up the remote is pretty easy and that’s helped with clear instructions.

Eufy states you should put the charging base against a wall and should be clear of obstacles 1 meter either side and 2 meters in front.
That just wasn’t going to work out for me and the perfect place for it to live in my house was under the TV stand. The stand is 1.2 meters wide and the base is blue-tacked to the floor at the back and I’ve never had a docking problem.

In Use,
This model doesn’t plot your floor layout or track it’s journey.
It comically bumbles around, doing a bit here, doing a bit there during an automatic session.

My ground floor consists of 4 main areas, lounge, kitchen, dining room and a hall, it’s a reasonable amount of floor space consisting of wood, tiles and a large rug.
I find it covers all areas sufficiently and doesn’t leave any mess from the day before.

There’s a few modes,
Auto - either on a timer (set via remote) or manually started. It’s will clean for up to 1 hour 40 minutes.
Single room clean - shut it in a room and it will clean for 30 minutes
In Auto and Single Room mode you can use the Boost IQ feature which allows you to increase the suction via the remote.
Edge cleaning - when it finds a wall it will follow it. This is a 30 minute mode.
Spot cleaning - drop it in the middle of your mess and it will spiral around for 2 minutes.

This model is designed for hard floors to medium pile carpets.
It will happily ride up rugs and small steps of around 16mm.
In its normal Auto mode is pretty quiet in operation.
It does a very good job of picking up dust, fluff and general “bits”.

On hard floors the front rotating brushes have a tendency to ping larger bits across the floor but it generally gets them in the end.
It has a drop sensor so it wont fall over edges or down the stairs. Great if you put it on an upper floor.
Just as you would manually vacuuming, you need to ensure your floors are reasonably clear of obstacles.
Mine regularly tries to mount my speakers stands and door wedges.

It will also struggle if it gets under a dining table a chairs but will always find its way out.

It’s easy to extract and empty the collection bin. I empty and tap out the filters every 2 days.
The vacuum obviously get dusty but a quick wipe with a soft cloth and it’s as good as new. At the same time give the sensors and charging pins underneath a wipe.
There is a filter replacement schedule but take that with a pinch of common sense.
There is a supplied cleaning tool to help extract hair from around the main brush, I find this quite useful.

Battery life,
Mine is set on Auto mode so cleans and charges while I’m at work.
I have set it off while I’ve been home and it happily cleans for around 1 hour 45 minutes before heading back to base for a charge.

Who would use this,
Anyone with a floor! (providing it’s not covered with thick pile carpets)
Anyone who needs target practice with Nerf guns.

Cleans floor well.
Quite self sufficient.
Quiet in use.
Always returns it base.
Good run time.
Drop sensor so it won’t fall over edges.
Boost I.Q
Extra accessories.

If the bin was a little bigger maybe, nothing other than that!

This is a great little vacuum and cleans as well as the Gtech manual I was using.
A few minutes of maintenance from time to time far outweighs the time saved from vacuuming each day.
I love the results I get from this vacuum and would whole heartedly recommend.


Great review you got there @paulstevenewing :clap: Nice details!!!

Glad you are enjoying Eufy Robovac :+1:t2::ok_hand:t2:

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Cheers @Shenoy
I’m certain enjoying not having to vacuum the whole house :+1:t2:

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How do you summon Robovac to start / stop cleaning and go back to dock?

I have completely forgotten it’s Robovac since I keep calling him Astroboy all the time at Google Assistant :joy:

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Great review and pictures! Congrats on winning :smiley:

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It’s magic, well, me standing behind the boy with the remote :smiley:
I found myself wanting to type Mary, but for the benefit of new members I thought I’d keep it corporate :rofl:


Thanks and thanks @TechMan :+1:t2:
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Willy my old 11S has really fallen in love with Mary after seeing her photos.
She is a beauty, he said! :rofl:
Willy is a little bit older than her so he cleans only 1 1/2 hour.:wink:

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You are a crazy man @Chiquinho :rofl:
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And Willy owns a house here in München!
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Great review…but that video mounting the speaker stand sounds so wrong on so many levels…yes I have a dirty mind :rofl:

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Hey @Tank glad you liked it.
As for the speaker, that was exactly my intention :wink:

Solid review @paulstevenewing with some quirky twists :wink:… thanks for sharing :+1:

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Great review and photos!

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Great review @paulstevenewing

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Willy “found” a small battery which I “lost” and was seeking for weeks.
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