Eufy Robovac 11S Can't allign/reattach bumper

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I recently had an issue with my Robovac 11S where the side brush stopped spinning properly. Turns out it was one of the plastic gears had damage in the motor. Anker support was kind enough to send out a replacement motor and it now works, however I cannot for the life of me get the bumper to properly reallign. Is there a trick I’m missing? Every time I screw it down it is too tight and the Robovac just keeps backing up and repositioning, clearly thinking it’s bumping into an object. How do I set the bumper looser? I see one video on youtube and he basically clicks the bumper right in. I’ve tried redoing this 4 times and the results have been the same.

TL;DR: How do I reattach the bumper loosely so that it works?

I never had to dismantle my 11S (old Willy)
But Rob @tank may tell you that “TRICK” with the bumper
He is our most skilled “tinkerer” here.
There will be help!
Wait a little bit to get an answer.

@nezechar Sorry to hear that the bumper isn’t working normally. If the bumper has been installed properly, try to loosen the screws under the bumper a bit and see. If the problem remains unchanged, please contact our customer support at and we’d be glad to assist you further.

Thanks for your time!

I appreciate the attempts at help but so far the same results. I feel nothing click and it’s obvious that the bumper is too “tight” to the unit and does not move in or out, so I’ve clearly mounted it wrong. Thing is, no matter how I try I can’t find the sweet spot to mount it. Any guidance is appreciated!

Perhaps this video will help you - He basically takes it apart and puts back again.

Specifically, the bumper re-installation is here

Hope it helps.

I’m having the same issue. Did you ever fix this?

I faced the same problem. It turned out that when i screwed the PCB back to the chasis i did not properly align the front portion of the eufy. When i compared my eufy to the above videos i noticed gaps in the front that should not have been there. Once those gaps disappeared the bumper fit very easily.

If you made it, great.
Would you show a photo of the old one and the replacement.
This would be great for other tinkerers here.

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Another 11S new owner here, and learning how 2 tinker is important, yes! Each time I clean Effie Eufy I make sure bumper is clean, and mobile, all sensors R clean, and wheels moving. Just a precaution.
Quicky tip: If using Eufy, and remote not handy but want her 2 go in different direction, turn your foot sideways in front of vac, and you dont even need remote. Lol (just sayin’ tips come in useful)


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The music could be a Polka or a Valse. :smile:

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I’m old…but not old enough 2 waltz. You’re funny!


So I ran into this and from what I found the two pieces of the plastic case weren’t screwed together tightly. Because the screws are recessed I was not wanting to strip the heads. I had to hold the two pieces of the body clamped tight with my hand and then make sure the recessed screw were very tight. After that the bumper went on fairly easily. Hope that helps.