Eufy Robovac 11 Stops Randomly On Carpet

We got a new Eufy Robovac 11 for Christmas and have mostly been pleased with it. The only problem we are having is that it seems to stop randomly, especially on carpet, every 10-15 minutes or so. We empty it out (it does pick up lots of debris) and clean the filters, and hit the start button again and it will run for another 10 minutes or so and beep at us again. It is up down up down up down to press the power button during its cycle (the remote is line of site only). Sometimes it stops and nothing at all appears to be wrong, and we press the power button again and it just goes on its way. Why does it do this? Is it possible that it is overheating or something? There is no way we can start it and leave it or let it run overnight because it would be beeping and stopping every 10 minutes. What can we do? This behavior is rather annoying. Thank you for any help you may have to offer.

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Hi @sfoshee, welcome to the forums!
Sorry to hear that your Eufy Robovac is shutting off early! If you haven’t already, please reach out to Anker support at or (800) 988 7973 (US) Mon to Fri 9AM - 5PM (PST).
I understand you received this for Christmas, but if possible, please have your order number handy when contacting support.

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I am having the exact same issue and only had it for 3 days. I only want to use it when I am not home. is this a problem with all models or just a few defective ones?

I was told it was due to the thickness of my carpet… Look at the pic? really?

Sending me another unit. I hope it works as I love it when it does.

I would be curious about if the replacement works any better. That carpet depth looks similar to the berber carpet that we have in our basement. when i use our central vac on it it really has to work hard but when I use it on our non looped carpet it is smooth and effortless. I think possibly the loops may be what they are referring to as thick and not the height or depth of it. Think of it like running a brush through knotted hair compared to running the same brush through straight hair, the length makes no difference. keep us posted please because if it doesn’t work for you it wont for me.

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Will do I am mailing it back tomorrow to it may be next week. This was a replacement for the robovac ten and it worked flawlessly for 6 months before it had some sensor issue that made it run every three feet. The suction on this new model is better and I wanted to love it but the constant stopping drove me insane lol. Anker/Euphy had been great and said they would refund me if I have the same problem with the next model ( I hope I do not as I love having a robovac to do the work while i am gone). I will post again as soon as the new vac arrives.

Anker is the best for making the customer happy. :grinning: Curious to know if your robovac had a beater bar on it?

it has the cylinder rotating brush if that is beater bar…lol

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lol, now that you typed it , lol …yes. I guess beater bar is old school and may not be politically acceptable anymore. :sunglasses:

Same issue with mine! Did you ever receive the replacement?

Same problem here… Did you find a solution?

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I asked my colleagues and share some ideas with you. This RoboVac can be used on low-pile carpet, tile, laminate, and hardwood floors, but is not suitable for high-pile carpet like shag carpet.

The RoboVac works with most carpets that are thinner than 12mm with fiber length shorter than 10mm. Please feel free to contact us via to clearly describe your problems, we are glad to help you soon. Thanks!:relaxed:

Grab some super sliders (the smallest ones) from walmart. They’ll help on “stubborn” carpet.

Good luck!

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I’m having the same problem. It worked perfectly for the first several months and now it stops randomly. Has this problem been explained? Thanks!

Send a message with the issues you are experiencing. Also include any troubleshooting steps you have taken and your order number purchase details so they can expedite your help and get the ball rolling on a warranty if need be

If you could shot a short video to our support team that will be good too. We will help you solve it.

Yeah, Eufy Robovacs can’t work on high pile carpets. The manufacturer says robovacs can handle low to medium pile carpets. Usually, most of the robot vacuums find it difficult working on shag carpets. Only a few robot vacuums can do the work on these high pile carpets.

My new one is doing the same. Here is what I have figured out. You get what you pay for. That is why I am going back to iRobot. I thought eufy was worth it. It’s not. Keeps stopping. Dumb as a brick. The wheel design just begs for shit to get sucked up in there and jam. The front wheel well is a joke, the side brushes stick, or fall off sometimes. When it stops, it also is unresponsive from the app…this is my second. I recommend iRobot.

I just bought a Robovac 11+ off NextDoor and it does this same thing. Stops randomly on low carpet. Even the doormat gives it problems. Is there anything that can be done to fix that?