Eufy Promotion - Peek-a-Boo! Momma Sees You

eufy Security Video and Audio Baby Monitor, 720p Resolution, Large 5” Display, 5,200 mAh Battery, 2-Way Audio, Night Vision, Lullaby Player, 1000 ft Range, Ideal for New Moms, Manual Pan & Tilt



Nice discount! :ok_hand:


Great for new parents

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Good discount there @Shenoy

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Great deal @Shenoy :ok_hand:

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Too bad kids are mostly grown up

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Yeah it’s too late for us now too with how old our two are getting. Already sunk cost with the cameras we do have, but it is still a nice discount on this one.

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Mine are around 17 n 13. It would be creepy nowadays. Lol

HAHA! Very true.