Eufy noisey

We bought a Eufy 11 robovac this past November. It works great, until this past weekend. During its normal cleaning cycle it started to become very noisey. Tried to isolate the noise, changed the brushes, changed the roller, made sure it was cleaned well, but still no change in noise level. The vacume still functions normal, but it has become very loud. Any suggestions to solve this problem ?

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@Ian_McGee, sorry for all the inconvenience the RoboVac caused! Please be assured that we always stand behind our products and we are happy to assist you with an exchange if the problem turns out to be with it.

We understand you have tried the solutions, but could you please tap the wheels to see whether they are stuck? And if necessary, remove any hair and debris from them.

If the problem persists, would you send us a short video showing the problem if possible so we can better identify the issue and offer you more troubleshooting?(If the video is too big, could you please upload the video to the Google Drive or Dropbox and share the link with us?) We are glad to arrange a replacement for you once we confirmed the issue and your order detail.

Could you please contact us via our email""? We appreciate your time and look forward to hearing from you.


We had a problem with our RoboVac 11 and support responded very quickly with a satisfactory solution. I would contact them and they should be able to help you out. They really do stand behind their products. Ours was an issue with suction being diminished even when well cleaned and they exchanged it for a new vacuum. Very happy. One thing that may be an issue with yours is that it’s clogged somewhere and it makes it be in the constant power boost suction mode. That could explain the increased noise. Definitely worth checking with support.

I bought my wife a eufy for Xmas and it worked great until this week. It has started to make a noise whilst cleaning. I have cleaned the brushes, checked the wheels are free to run but I am unable to isolate it. What was your solution?

What was your solution provided as a fix?. I see this asked multiple times but No solution posted (other than talk to support)

I have had mine for barely 2 months and the brush seems to be the source of the noise.

When I take it out and run it, the noise stops. The brush is as clean as a whistle and spic and span with no wear, but creates a racket when spinning, as if a tank is running


I purchased the Eufy Boost IQ Robovac 30. It works great - and was really silent from Xmas till about a week ago. Now it rattles when vacuuming bare floors. IT is very loud. It is still quiet sounding on carpet. PS - I have cleaned the filters and brush and made sure the wheels are clean.

Please help!

Thank you


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Did anyone ever respond to this issue? I have the exact same issue mentioned in this thread, with the following symptoms:

  1. Loud rattling emanates from brush
  • Unit has been fully cleaned, all debris removed
  • Noise goes away on carpet, very loud rattle on hardwood
  • Suction is still good
  • Noise goes away when rotating brush is removed

This appears to me to be a problem where the square keyway that drives the brush has become wallowed out, to where there is vertical play in the assembly. That’s why the noise goes away on carpet; the brush is being pushed upward into the vacuum while on carpet, where it should actually ride normally. When on hardwood, the brush has freedom to drop down and rattle.

This is my theory anyway. I can’t figure out how to run the unit manually with it flipped over so I can watch it. But if my theory is correct, I’m not sure how to fix that, I don’t think that keyway is user replaceable.

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Bearings in the vacuum have gone bad. Common with their product which is why they are so quick to replace. I, unfortunately, bought mine open box on Ebay. It barely made it 3 weeks on all bare floor. Customer support verified it was the bearing within the brush housing that has gone bad; Entire unit will need replacing but I did not purchase through them. Luckily, I was able to get a refund from the eBay seller since it was less than 30 days before the horrible noise. I LOVED my Eufy 30, now I can’t stand the sound of it!

Better fix your b design or your product is going to get horrible reviews… It’s about to get one right now :slight_smile:

Just wanted to post this here because the same loud noises were driving me crazy with my unit and I found a solution. If you take out the roller / rotating brush, and wrap a very thin piece of duct tape (only one wrap-around) and then carefully put that back into place, this will stop the loud rattling sound. I guess it’s just the rattling of the plastic inside that’s causing the noise and this either muffles it or absorbs the impact. Either way, cheap fix and works perfect

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Yes, there was another user of the RoboVac 11S mentioned a similar issue.
He found the free side of the middle brush which is running freely, was scratching at the blue plastic covering.
This was causing that noise.
He grinded it a little and all was fine. :grin:

I had the same noise problem and the source was the roller brush. I used the duct tape repair and all is good for now.? I don’t have much hope for this lasting very long. After just three months of use it’s starting show ware. My three year old Neato shows less wear. It’s slow like a tank and Eufy is like a sports car that’s fast, but needs lots of maintenance.

This, duct tape on the roller brush, helped with mine; it’s pretty quiet now. I’m unsure if this will last long though. We should be able to get a replacement product, I’ll look into it. Hopefully this isn’t happening to all the vacuums; I really love this vacuum and wish this wasn’t an issue.

Same noise. Same problem. I noticed a little side-to-side play had developed with the roller brush, so I found a nylon washer and slipped it into the space between the free end of the brush and the housing. Sounds like it’s almost new again. Not sure how long that washer will last, but they’re pretty cheap.

Simply replace the main brush, and your eufy will sound like new! Ebay has them starting around $4.52

But a little “attachment” which has been mentioned above is much better than to spend 5 bucks.
AND!!! Avoid garbage if possible!

Mine did the same thing. I removed the main roller brush, and compared it to a new one, and the difference was striking! The old brush had simply worn down, and the bristles were “flared”. The result was a roller brush that was now “undersized” . I replaced it with a new brush, and the smiles returned!

I have had a chance to further investigate the problem. The REAL problem is that debris, hair, etc. somehow make there way into the bearing housing on the main brush. This than causes the bearing to stop rotating, and then begins to wear out the brush guard that traps the bearing housing in place. This results in the main brush becoming loose, and accelerating the wear process. NOTHING mentioned above will actually address the problem, and will likely exacerbate it instead. No amount of duct tape, or teflon will actually fix the problem, but will likely cause more expensive problems!
The solution is pretty simple actually. The bearing housing can be removed by prying it straight up using a strong knife. Be sure to press the knife as close as possible to the brush shaft. with the housing removed, use a similar method to remove the bearing. (Note: the shaft may come with it, but that wont hurt anything). Now you can remove the crud that is preventing the bearing from rotating, and re-assemble in reverse order.
This does NOT address the problem of the worn area on the brush guard, and short of using a 3D printer to generate a new one, the average cost on eBay is around $11.00.
The best option would be to include periodically cleaning the bearing, and perhaps lubricating with some white grease.

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To make the whole thing more clear,
some photos would be nice.

This worked for me as well. I cut a tiny strip of duct tape so it fit around all four sides of the piece that májese the scrubber fit into the unit to spin.