EUFY is going into markets here!

NETTO is a real big Supermarket chain here in Germany.


Nice. Only time will tell if anker going into retail stores is a good idea…

I think they need to improve the outer packaging.
The current packaging on some of the brands wouldn’t cut it on a shop shelf.

I’m mostly worried about the overhead of being in a store. Either they will have to make less money on products, or they will have to raise prices. Neither is good for us.

Packaging is a problem though. Although they have beautiful packaging, all it has is the logo. It doesn’t say much about the product.

I am really not a Green, but ANKER/soundcore should really avoid any plastics
when wrapping…
This could and must be announced when advertising if they do!

Netto is similar to Aldi / Lidl. So stuff like this wouldn’t be permanently stocked, it would be part of a seasonal / special area, and they would have them until sold out and then only possibly order more for a future run if it went well.

It is one of the situations where the manufacturer shouldn’t have much risk, as it is one time bulk orders from their perspective, and these stores are very low overhead. Things are basically designed to be sold in their straight from the factory packaging.

It should spread the name (get it in front of less tech savvy consumers in a grocery store), but it will very definitely associate it with being a low cost option.


To offer ANKER/soundore items at this supermarket will help MUCH
the trademark better known.
This is perfect.

It’s a great idea, and glad Anker is finally getting into retail for Eufy Robovac products. We know they are in Walmart, Target and Costco … Though yet to see Robovac literally in store.

Thanks for sharing @Chiquinho

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sweet! maybe that means more contests and testing for you soon lol

I got 11S Willy for testing 2 years ago.
Still “testing” him, so he works perfectly!:joy:

That’s so cool! Always great to see Anker products in local stores. :slight_smile:

I would like to see more products in the store including Eufy. But their packaging is simple and clean, but its not eye catching when sitting on a shelf.

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Great, I wish them well. Maybe this will make them venture out to other chain stores

good to know thanks for sharing!