Eufy HomeVac H11 - New Handy Vacuum Cleaner

Eufy Handy vacuum cleaner "Eufy HomeVac H11


Eufy is planning a new handy vacuum cleaner HomeVac H11, with powerful suction power in a compact size.

It is as compact as a wine bottle and can be easily cleaned anytime and anywhere. It is very useful when you want to clean a little dirt in the car or a little trash or dust in the room.

With suction force of up to 5500Pa, dust and dust are quickly sucked. Furthermore, by using the removable combination nozzle that comes with the attachment, it is possible to clean tight gaps and places that are difficult to reach.

This product is recommended for those who want to quickly clean a small place.

Keep watching for updates from Anker and Eufy when this will be available.


That will suck anything :rofl:
Thanks for sharing… guess you found some sources as @insider do :grinning:


Might be more useful in a car, than at home.
And with kids making crumbs everywhere it is quite a useful item.
This could be a seller in the future.:wink:

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Ooh this would be fantastic for the car! My back seats need cleaning every week after the children!!

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Very cool… I love handvacs!

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:unamused: stealing someone else’s job…

@TechMan It was already announced here

All @Shenoy did was fill in the missing Info, so no he’s not stealing anyone’s job


There was only a photo from this H11 to be seen, without any specifications.
Useful information @Shenoy, thank you.

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I love the design. It will definitely be handy.

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Thank you @Tank @Chiquinho

Only wanted to share information for the eufy homevac h11, which is from Anker sites and I posted it again on Anker site, and never meant to steal anybody’s job, and definitely not @Insider 's :slight_smile: