Eufy homebase won't connect to the network

Hi, I’ve had a EUFY basestation and 3 cameras running from it for about 2yrs. It worked fine for ages but it’s been giving me an error message 20004 over the last few days. Essentially the basestation wont switch to away mode (or any other mode) rendering it useless.

I have reset it several times and when it starts it says can’t connect to the network, despite the ethernet cable being connected (I’ve tested the cable with other wired devices and they work fine). I’ve removed it from the app thinking I would set it up again from scratch but once again I get the ‘cant connect to network’ message and cant go any further. It’s a base station 1.

Any /all tips welcome.

Take a look there

Thanks for the link, although there isn’t anything related to my issue.

Any relevant insight/tips gratefully received.

Thanks a lot

@Jeremy48 Has there been any recently changes to port access on your router that maybe causing connection issues?

I would suggest reaching out to regardless with the error codes you are receiving. As you have reset your setup several times it maybe a server connection error which might require a reset at Eufy’s end.

Thanks a lot

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No problem, if you get a confirmation that it is Eufy required reset please update us here as it may help future members with such queries :slightly_smiling_face:

Update … feedback from Eufy Customer Service was the homebase unit is defective (error 20004) but there’s nothing they can do to reset/repair it and as its outside the 12mth warranty period no replacement available … far from ideal.

So now need to either buy a new basestation or move to another system setup (not Eufy) which is tempting given I’m rather frustrated that they cant even tell whats wrong with the base station (I dont think they know) … however financial pragmatism will prevail.

Does anyone know if the Homebase 2 is compatible with HD camera’s (first version of the pro but not called pro, IP67 with facial recognition) and CamE?

Thanks in advance!