Eufy Genie will not stay connected on WiFi

I have 3 Eufy Genie’s we received as gifts last Christmas. They all have worked great up until about a month ago. We have one in each bathroom and one in our kitchen so we can listen to music, get weather updates and listen to our daily briefings. Now, when we give the “Alexa” wake work, the blue light spins twice, the Eufy logo lights up and then goes out. The only solution is to unplug it and let it reboot. All 3 are equally distant from our access points, so there is no issue with signal strength. We have other devices that connect to the network fine that are farther away from the access points - a couple of smart bulbs and smart switches - and they have no issues receiving commands from their apps to turn on or off. Just curious if anyone else has experienced this and if you have found a solution.

Have you tried resetting your router and modem. I know your other devices are ok. But I’ve similar issue with some of my WiFi devices. We have an older router and doesn’t seem to work well with some of the new smart devices. We restart our routers and everything works fine for a while then it goes offline again.

My suggestion would be to contact support. - . Make sure to tell them what you’ve tried and give serial numbers as well. If they may still be in warranty.

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Thanks for the suggestions. My router was only 6 months old when we first got them, so hopefully that is new enough. I do reboot the modem and the router weekly just to refresh everything. I also have my DHCP leases restricted to 8 hours so devices that are powered off or no longer on the network will need to refresh accordingly. I have even tried switching them around and location does not make a difference. I will definitely contact support and see what they say. Thanks again!

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With the holidays and the big sale weekend it may take them a little while to get back you. They are generally quick to respond.

by chance did you ever get a answer to this? I’m currently having this same problem!

Just bought my eufy genie but it won’t connect to the wifi. It reaches 99% then fails to connect. I tried everything, changing routers but it doesn’t work.

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I am having the same issue
Plz help