Eufy Doorbell: Missing photo in iOS push notifications

Hi, one of the important features why I bought the Eufy Doorbell 2K is that a photo is directly included in the iOS push notifications. So you can see who is at the door faster without having to watch the live feed. Unfortunately I always get the text message without a photo, no matter what I set in the Eufy Security App. Can anyone help me?

@Xredwingx which version doorbell you have? wired or battery?
If it is wired doorbell, goto settings on your app–>notifications–>select “Include Thumbnail”

If you have more questions, post in below community which is specific to eufy security products.

Was this ever resolved?
I am experiencing the same issue with the battery powered 2K doorbell. Already checked every setting there is in app and iOS. Performed several device resets. Checked firmware versions.
Waited a few days to give device time to adjust, but all to no avail.

This leaves me with a simple question.
Does the battery powered 2K doorbell support thumbnail-enriched notifications? Or only plain text?