Eufy doorbell EU

Same here, black Friday coming up and I wonder if I should wait or take a ring discount. Release date for Germany please…

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I know its not nice but after long waiting Ring 2 is on offer on Amazon today.

still no news?

I stand corrected, my apologies to eufy and anker. Looks like it’s already on amazon UK but no price yet. It’s a start I guess.

eufy Security by Anker, Wi-Fi Video Doorbell, 2K Resolution, Real-Time Response, No Monthly Fees, Secure Local Storage, Free Wireless Chime (Requires Existing Doorbell Wires, 16-24 VAC, 30 VA or above)

That advert on amazon has been there for months and hasnt changed. Looks like it went up in September


I am really pissed off. I wanted to have this doorbell since August. I hate that no information is given. I don’t care if you sell it for 50 or even 100 € more to make this happen, I just want to buy it.
Permanently I look around for alternatives, but the eufy doorbell would be exactly what I need. But 4 months of waiting with little to no information provided is kinda turning me off now.
Will have to buy something that has too much features for my usecase and something that is way too expensive, but hey that’s how it goes I guess…


wouldn’t it be great, if the biggest competitor, let’s call him “Ding” for a moment, has bad press at the moment due to bad security instructions/implementation and then BAMM release the competing product…
Ding would be devastated and DAnker/Eufy sales would skyrocket…

well, seems like someone is missing an opportunity here…


So while eufy release their new battery version in 3-4 months in USA from CES 2020. We muggles in Europe still waiting for the wired version to be released. Put Europe first Anker otherwise you’ll start losing customers fast. We are not being appreciated, even China and other countries get your products before the Europe does.

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Tbf it is a Chinese company, I wouldn’t be surprised if they get stuff quickly.

I honestly don’t expect the wired doorbell to be available in the UK, I just hope they don’t make us wait months for the wireless.

It’s already on Amazon UK just that you can’t purchase it yet.

since the mods have abandon this thread, my hopes are very low on any release (or purchase option). I think it is just sad that nobody said in which YEAR the September release will be.

Maybe they work on a partnership or the hostile acquisition of Nuki :smiley:


Another month has passed without any caring reply from Eufy/Anker - coud we please get an update? I guess most of us only would like to know, if it makes sense to wait, or if we should abandon hope…

Eufy hates Europe it seems

Dear Sir or Madam,

are you going to inform us on the current state, or do you plan to wait until we forgot about the product?

I just baught the wired Eufy doorbell at They deliver next week in the Netherlands.

Vanaf vandaag bij Coolblue voor 199 euro.

Do you have a link on Coolblue or Amazon ? There is no product available for EU

Ps : only Amazon US

Hurrah for UK!

That’s the batteryversion. Not the wired one.