Eufy Doorbell can't connect to hidden network

Hi all - just installed my Eufy Doorbell today, but when I went to connect to WiFi it only showed broadcasting networks. There was no option to manually add a network. My networks are all hidden / not broadcasting. Is there a solution besides making my network visible?


Can you set your network to broadcast for the setup portion and then disable broadcast?

I tried that. As soon as I disabled broadcast it could no longer connect.

Same issue! Hidden SSIDs are a very basic security measure that is widely implemented by more advanced home networking users. We need the option to manually add the SSID / passphrase of the wifi network to ensure connectivity.

Please respond!

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I hope that Anker fixes this rather quickly. Even my cheap homekit enabled smoke detector was able to stay connected to the hidden SSID after setup. Hoping to see this resolved soon because the Eufy cameras have no problem connecting to a hidden SSID also. Just seems like the doorbell cannot.

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As a Convergent Technology Integration consultant, engineer (and Security Technologies); here’s my 2 cents (and a freebie at that).
I’ve been looking into the Eufy Doorbell Cam (as with RING) BUT, if this issue isn’t resolved soon I can not use or recommend this product (s) period. This issue is a deal-breaker (for the reasons stated by @Home820 ).

How RING implements this; you select Other Network then manually configure settings (simple). The problem many have with RING is on the big Privacy issues of allowing 3rd parties access to stored video content without homeowners consent.

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Let me present a reality check for you in a scenario; I’ve often preached that one can drive into most any community and at curb-side, commit a felony over someone’s home WiFi and just drive away. − See US Data Breach Reports, ‘its most revealing’ at: idtheftcenter dot org

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Just like everyone else, I was shocked to find that the Eufy Doorbell does not support hidden SSID. I will be leaving a review on Amazon to save more people to trouble of finding this shortcoming after the fact!

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Yup - I also left a review on Amazon. This is very basic stuff. My cheap little smart plugs can connect to a hidden network and work just fine as well. This is THE ONLY ITEM in my smart home that CANNOT connect to a hidden network.

In my case, Eufy app show NO WIFI AROUND :frowning:
How can install it? Many many wifi around me

As soon as you hide the SSID, the dumb doorbell wont connect to router.
This is a really bad security set back for this doorbell