Eufy Doorbell 2K not available

Under the recording quality for 2K it says that “2K is not available on your device” for two different phones and my tablet. While my phones are not super new, the tablet is a 2019 release.

How do I get 2K working? The 1600x1200 quality is lacking.


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There is a footnote about 2K “requiring the latest video codec” on your phone/tablet to view. Not sure exactly what codec they’re referring to.

It’s working on my Google Pixel (1) XL. What are your phones/tablet?

Google puts good screens in their phones. I guess Motorola and a HD+ 720 x 1520 pixels has 2k compatibility issues.

We have a T8200 wired doorbell system version 2.333 and 2 android phones. One was showing the error 2k video unavailable on this device (as a guest/family member). We know both phones can show 2k video so to get around it we log in using the same main account on both phones (no guest/family member). Now we have 2k on both phones. There must be a bug in the programming somewhere!

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