Eufy Cam 2c motion detection (Human only)... picks up passing cars

I put up my new Cam 2c’s today, and set them both to “Human Only” detection. Likewise I set “Activity Zones” to avoid the street 100%.

After all this, it’s been sending me “Motion notifications”, but it’s passing cars in the street, which are about 100 ft away.

Any ideas on how to fix this? I currently have the sensitivity set to 5.

I can try #4 setting, but I want to ensure it picks up people in range.

Why it picks up Cars #1, as well as anything motion Outside the Activity Zone #2 is beyond me. :man_facepalming:

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Hey @gsboorman
I have a different brand of camera and often get the same thing.
In the end I worked out it wasn’t the car it picked up, it’s was the changing light in the room caused by the passing cars.

Maybe the shadows are triggering the notifications. Hmm try adjusting the camera to a different spot

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Hi, completely new here (as in just taking the cameras out of the box!) but is the lighting good as human detection only works in well lit areas reverting back to ‘all motion’ at night.

It’s possible, but this is the only location I can put the camera in to view the front door for security.

Lighting is non-existent as I live in a sub-rural area w/o street lights.

Never had a problem at my cottage though. I’m thinking it’s very possible what Paul said, where its the change in lighting that set it off.

Will see again tonight it this reoccurs. I lowered the sensitivity down to 4.

Have you tried resetting it? I know it sounds dumb but sometimes it fixes issues