Eufy Cam 2 no detection at night when night vision is turned off

Hi, so I was testing the Eufy Cam 2 at night, turning on, turning off the night vision. It seems the Cam 2 doesn’t detect any motion when the night vision is off. I just wanted to try and record a colored view at night but it didn’t work. I wonder if this could be fixed by software update? Hey Anker…software update maybe on this?

Thank you for reaching out.

Do you have any spotlight near the camera for the night recording?

In order to further assist you, please provide more detail information to We will have the engineering team to look into this case for you.

I don’t have a spotlight near my camera. I was just wondering why it won’t detect and start recording if night vision is turned off at night.

If it is very dark and night vision is turned off the camera knows not to record as video will be black. On our Eufycam 2 we have night vision off, but have white LED spotlights either side of our rear garden eufycam2 that trigger before the camera and the camera will record colour images. Due to the fact that one of the PIR sensors for one of the LED floodlights in back garden is close to the front of camera I can turn the night vision on ( but the red IR led do not light up ), and then when I look at camera in real time ( from phone app ) the red IR led come on because camera has been triggered, the IR from the camera shining on the PIR for white floodlight turns the floodlight on and the video changes from black and white to colour. So even if you leave night vision on the IR leds on camera only come on when sensor is triggered, so will not show all the time and at worst you get a black and white video, but if you mount one or two white PIR floodlights near camera even with night vision turned on you will get colour image… It is better to have a black and white video than non at all, and at least the red IR leds on camera only come on when it is triggered till it stops recording, so do not normally give position of camera away. Best thing is to mount at least one PIR white floodlight near camera, that way when floodlight comes on the first most natural thing most people do is look up at the light, exposing their faces to the camera, but they do not see the camera itself only the bright white light.