Eufy Cam 2 During Powercut

Wondering what happens if there is a power cut? The cameras are battery powered but the base station with recording relies on mains power? Can the cameras still record ?

The classic argument for a UPS.

I once lived in an unreliable electricity area and I ended up with a huge UPS to power router and a few other items to handle the average 8 hours power outage.

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@professor has hit the nail on the head.
A good UPS (sizes and costs vary greatly) is ideal to cover power outages and also to protect sensitive equipment for power spikes/surges.
I use a little 1 hour UPS which powers my Sky TV box and router.

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Thanks so basically a small UPS - maybe 750VA for router and base station would mean cameras would continue to work and record even in power outage until UPS drained? My understanding is while the cameras are battery operated the Eufy camera 2 does not have base station with back up battery plus they need your router working in order to access content remotely and send you alerts is that all correct guys? thanks

Yes my understanding is the images are stored on the homebase, so yes you should seek to keep the homebase and the router going for sufficiently long the typical power outage in your area.