Eufy App on iOS - Disable the location requirement

Ever since I have upgraded to iOS 13 and with recent Eufy App upgrade, Eufy Apps keeps nagging about enabling the Location Services whenever I add a new device, eufy

I usually keep this disabled and even if enabled, it is only for Maps / Google Maps and dont want any apps to access my location.

@AnkerSupport @AnkerTechnical can you please mention why the location services are required for setup? Can this be completely be disabled?

I know at least couple more apps that don’t ask me for location services when I try to add new smart device, why Eufyhome then?

EufyHome App:

Other Smart App:

reason I

At least I’m not getting this on eufy security app. I have other issues with eufysecurity. It randomly log me out of the app and asks for login credentials. Not sure what prompts it to do that.

Might be related to the new Geofencing feature…