Eufy 2K battery doorbell clip length

I’ve noticed when motion is detected and it records the clip it’s usually between 3-5 seconds. The cam will stop recording even when there will be more motion. Like it will pick the mailman come across the yard and stop half way even though there’s more motion? My old 2C cams used to record around 20 secs at least. I raised the sensitivity a little and still the same. Does anyone have any ideas? I know it should be recording longer than that. Thanks for the help.

In the Eufy Security app, scroll to your doorbell and click the options/tools icon then select ‘power manager”. Mine is set to optimal surveillance which records 60 second clips.

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You can also customize the length of the clip in the power manager.

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@Blakestuhh as @Justmarbz1 mentioned under “Power Manager” in the app, choose the option that suits your needs. Customize option will give you upto 120Sec recording time and you can adjust re-trigger interval.

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