EU mandating USB-C

The most sensible decision I’ve heard the EU made.

The Apple tie to Lightning cable is technologically bizarre and is a blatant way to make more money, in my view.

Imagine the obvious benefit of one cable will work on everything, and every charger works. As it is now I am carrying a USB-C Powercore and a cable and if someone has a flat iPhone then I have say tough luck.


EU and Apple!
I am wondering what will be the result.
Remember -> Taxes of big companies!
Teeth less mouse! :joy:


Apple spend half their profit tied to the Lightning port on lawyers?

Will end up a rich lawyer.

USB-C is more than technically sufficient for all purposes, and there’s been plenty of time for Apple to make the switch.


Great find and share @professor
So roll on full USBC chargers from Anker.
Now heading online to check the bank balance :sunglasses:


The only losers really are Apple.

Newer Android, Soundcore, Anker, are USB-C. The mandate does apply to Speakers but Soundcore is nearly always there already. Doesn’t apply to the smaller audio products so afraid Soundcore can still make some dumb MicroB products under the proposal.

We the consumers don’t need multiple cables for multiple products, and so we can borrow and swap cables and most chargers will suffice.

End of 3-in-1 cables, dongle adapters.

Anyone know much money Apple will lose?


I think their newest ipad has USB C lol, they should bring that to the iphone


Seems fair comment is censored.


Caught this on the news earlier - definitely a good move - fed up of multiple connections in this house!

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Lol yea they are just now catching up on a few things. I must admit, I’ve been tempted to give iphone a try but the fact that I couldn’t use my micro SD card it’s what’s holding me back.
Call me old fashioned but I like having my music on my device and having access to all my pictures without having to connect online or having to pay for extra storage.
I hate the fact that Samsung is following on Apple’s footsteps and if they get rid of the SD card support, I’m gonna have to keep my Note 20 as long as I can and when it finally dies, I’ll look somewhere else for a new device :roll_eyes:

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There’s still plenty with SD slots. TBH they are not high end but entry and mid.

There’s 1043 phones released in last 2 years with SD slots.

Just restrict the search to other essential features and find your phone. E.g. only 5G with SD becomes 159 phones.

Or instead I set a mid range price max and say latest Android and waterproof is 19 phones

So long as you avoid Apple’s lock-in to older technology then you’ll easily find a good match to needs.


I wonder when other countries will do the same. It will be funny to see a phone come out and ask to approve a new micro USB C.

I would say adapters sales may go up in the early years as people may not wanting to buy extra cables in the beginning.

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I marked all USB-micro plugs and sockets to plug in the correct way.
Same with normal USB

No more need with USB C :grin:

Thanks for links, I’ll save this post for next year when I get the itch to upgrade lol. Hope you are having a good weekend so far :+1:


Agreed. I wish the rest of the world would implement the same. USB-C everything.


Make life easier at one point but harder for other some of your older items until they become obsolete.

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I am remembering always my old, lousy joke!
You own a small light weighted, chic, brand new laptop, but you have to carry a huge, heavy suitcase full of cables and fitting adapters, to get it work everyẃhere.
In the university we were keeping really a lot of cables and adapters.
And I had to order replenishment weekly. All disappeared in the nirwana

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I have a box and a basket with cords… lol


if you need a certain cable its not there!
My neighbor is a computer engineer as well.
We often help each other, though he is in business and I am out.
But often “old sly foxes” like me got things and ideas,. :grin:
Good neighbor- and friendship such an important thing.

You’re buying one cable and one charger and it does everything. The end.

What Apple did was they changed from 5V to 9V and so changed one end of the cable, forcing you to buy another cable, and yet you still need different cable for everything else, thus at least doubling your costs.

They changed iPad to USBC so you forced to buy a cable and yet didn’t change iPhone so forced to buy two cables. If they had simply ditched Lightning port then the one cable spend would have been done.

USBC everything


Thats Apple! Thats noble! :rofl:
But the macbooks are good made, perfect quality.
And I can install LINUX if I need! :rofl:
As far I know not possible on the new ones.