Ethernet problems | Anker 8-in-1 USB-C Hub

Hi there,

after 7 month of use I recently had the need to use the ethernet port. Sadly, it seems not to work probably. At first I get decent speeds on my local network and also internet wise. But after some time, when copying files to my NAS, the connection drops. Also the internet connection stops working, even though in System Preferences the device status is connected. IP-address and everything else seems fine.

I have then unplug the adapter and re-plug to get it working again. Sometimes this happens on large file transfers but sometimes even on smaller ones. Sooner or later I get the Finder Error 100060.

I’m on Big Sur on a M1 MacBook Pro. Are there any compatibility issues with this adapter on M1 Macs? I already tried different cables and so on.

Really looking forward for your help!


Difficult question.
May be there is a user here who got that M1 and is using this Hub and can tell you about his experiences.
Otherwise contact the support.

I am also having this same problem. I checked this after a week from the purchase date.