Doorbell Wiring

I have the current door bell wiring at my house. I tried to install the Eufy Doorbell out front and was hoping to keep the regular one in the back, although I would be fine with getting rid of the one in the back. Below is the original wiring and then with the jumper installed. My Eufy doorbell ended up with the red ring. My next thought was to install a new transform, Edwards 599, in case the old one doesn’t have enough power. Just wondering if anyone else has and advice. Thanks.

Wish I could help but I have zero experience. Loving the pictures though please keep us updated.

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You may find out:
How much total power get from this transformer?
How much needs the EUVY and how much the old bell?
So you can check out if this transformer is sufficient.

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Took out the old transformer last night. It was only ten volts. Installed the Edwards 599 and success! I now have a working video doorbell.


Perfect! Good job!

Awesome! I guess you’re a true electrician now!!

Great ! thanks for sharing your ideas :ok_hand:

Glad you were able to make it work