Doorbell removal

Has anyone tried to remove their doorbell after installing it? I want to take off the angle mount plate but can’t get the thing off. I put that pin in the hole and felt a little button that it pushed but the doorbell won’t move and I don’t want to rip it off and break it! Any tips? Thanks!

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When I insert the pin into the hole, the doorbell pops right off? Perhaps something got stuck in there that’s keeping the mechanism from working properly…

Hmm yea I wonder if that’s the case because it won’t budge with the pin inserted. I have no idea how to pop this thing off of that’s the case. Feels like I’m breaking it with the amount of force I have to apply.

Ok so I was able to pop it off tonight. My guess is it was temperature related. Very cold yesterday and about 30 degrees warmer today. Popped right off tonight. :+1::+1::+1:

Glad you were able to remove it and thanks for sharing the information about the temperature!

I have the opposite issue. The thermal pads came off during installation and the support told me send a picture to process a product replacement. So I opened it with the provided pin - it opened but I can not attach it back anymore. Its about 38F outside today. Poor design - they should have considered thermal effects when designing the product.

My doorbell upon installation doesn’t click or lock into place at all. I’ve tried it off the wall as well but I don’t know why it won’t click…it seems like the clip doesn’t go deep enough…I don’t know what to do.

Check your wiring make sure it’s not behind the bell and bracket happened to me…

Even with it off the wall I can’t make it click into the mount …

Try bending the plate a little more on bottom maybe it’s not hitting right to the clip :woozy_face: