Doorbell removal

Has anyone tried to remove their doorbell after installing it? I want to take off the angle mount plate but can’t get the thing off. I put that pin in the hole and felt a little button that it pushed but the doorbell won’t move and I don’t want to rip it off and break it! Any tips? Thanks!

When I insert the pin into the hole, the doorbell pops right off? Perhaps something got stuck in there that’s keeping the mechanism from working properly…

Hmm yea I wonder if that’s the case because it won’t budge with the pin inserted. I have no idea how to pop this thing off of that’s the case. Feels like I’m breaking it with the amount of force I have to apply.

Ok so I was able to pop it off tonight. My guess is it was temperature related. Very cold yesterday and about 30 degrees warmer today. Popped right off tonight. :+1::+1::+1:

Glad you were able to remove it and thanks for sharing the information about the temperature!