Doorbell chime on phone app

Is there a way to disable the doorbell chime sound that my phone makes whenever the doorbell rings? I can’t make it stop until it runs it’s course, about 30 seconds later. It is very annoying. Not pleasant when listening to Bluetooth music in my car and then having to mute the stereo until the chiming ends.

I don’t think that there is a way to do this. You could suggest it to eufy though…


I was trying to look for something that can mute or stop this on my phone. I’ll try reaching out to support and report back if I get anything

Yeah, volume down or power button won’t do it. Activating do not disturb will silence it but that is not something I want to have to do and then undo each time. Thanks for looking into it. :+1:

i put in a support ticket - let’s see if someone will answer

Thank you!

let’s see if we add @AnkerSupport to get a faster response

update from support:

I totally understand that the notification is annoying and disturbing. Our engineers are working on improving this issue. We will release a new app which supports to change or disable the notification of the app. May I trouble you to wait for about a month?

For now, could you please turn down media volume on your phone to see if it works?

And also we released a new app which the notification is shorter. Could you please update the app in the App store/Google Play store to see if it works better?

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Excellent :+1:. Thank you for that.