Does Anker make a wireless charger for the Pixel 6?

I just got a Pixel 6 and it’s my first wireless charger device! I know it’s a big gimmick, it will charge faster on a cable and etc…but I wanted to get a wireless charger! (Turns out my buds and cans also wirelessly charge and I never realised! But does mean if I get a wireless charger it will be well used!)

Iooked at Anker but they seem primary Apple wireless chargers :neutral_face: I know they can charge a pixel, buy from what I understand you pay more because it has a mag-safe thing and if I’m paying for a feature that I’m not using it feels like a waste. They’re not exactly high powered either compared to the Google own 2nd generation chargers. (5W compared with 23W…) IKEA have 5W wireless chargers from £5…

Am I missing something here? Because it seems like Anker don’t make a wireless charger that is value for money if you’re device is anything other than an iPhone!

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Anker supports the Qi standards which goes to 18W.

But you need to understand that the 18W goes into the wireless pad, due to inefficiencies in the process it makes 10W go over to the phone.

So buy any Anker wireless 10W pad and feed it a QC2, QC3, IQ2, IQ3 18W power. Anker sells plenty of different shapes and sizes.

Yes many think wireless is very convenient it lets you charge on the flat, or stood up and makes your charging port last longer for when you do need that fastest charge (from empty) but wireless works fine to top-up and for bedside (where phone has all night to charge). Between all of these scenarios many can get by for long periods not wired.

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Even though they have released some magsafe wireless chargers for iphones, they also have other non magsafe wireless chargers that you could use on your pixel 6

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