Defective Pixel, Pixel XL owners can claim up to $500

Found this interesting, useful if you have Google Pixel series phones

If you bought a Google Pixel or Pixel XL smartphone with a microphone or speaker defect before January 4th, 2017, then you might be able to get up to a $500 USD (about $663 CAD) reimbursement from Google.

Read more at Defective Pixel, Pixel XL owners can claim up to $500 with documentation

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Me: *buys all google pixels on eBay*


Don’t pay more than $500! :rofl:


LOL … :rofl:
@TechMan It’s up to $500, check the model and what you get paid before buying them on ebay, in case if you are serious…

Darn. I bought my Pixel in July 2017. Claim says only applies to purchases before January 4 2017. But then I never had issues with my mic or speaker, so there’s that.

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Lucky you, at least no issues with your phone and survived 2 years.

Actually, I sold the Pixel last year for $300.
Earlier this year, I bought a Pixel 2 off Ebay for $150 (slight image burn-in but not noticeable 99% of the time).

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