Deal on ANKER Powercore+ 19000 PD hybrid portable charger usb-c hub with usb-c wall charger



Amazon Link:


Great deal! Thanks for sharing! I think you forgot a 0 In the title :wink:


Wow great deal thanks for sharing :+1:


Indeed. Indeed I did. I will fix that, glad to share a good deal.


I hope someone gets some use from it,it may be a good deal but I still can’t afford it.:joy:


Wow, this is a good deal, I have so many portable chargers though, I don’t need any more lol


I would get it myself but it is still a bit out of my price range.


Might pick of these up, been waiting for a price drop, thanks!


Glad to help if I can.


Great discount for the Powercore+


I couldn’t believe it when I first saw it, even though I won’t get it I’m sure someone else could use the discount.


Dammit, I already have too many Anker batteries …
Great deal though.


Yea great deal. I won’t get it either but hopefully other will take advantage of the deal and buy it


I feel the exact same way.