Dead in a month!

I got the Anker Soundcore Arc from Walmart and about a month and a half later they died. Apparently sweat shorts them out even though it’s not supposed to! If you want to pay the $30 every month or so I recommend them.

This is definitely not what anker wants there customers to experience! Luckily for you, anker has one of the best customer support teams out there! If you contact them at they will gladly help you out!

Let us know how they help you!

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Sorry for your troubles, i have these and have sweated all over them while at work and while working out an have not had any issues with them. But since you experienced a problem, you can always return them to Walmart for a replacement or reach out to support for warranty replacement…just make sure to have a copy of your receipt

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I’ll consider my vocabulary expanded :joy:

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I hope you can get a free replacement

@bhapnen Sorry for your experience. Shoot our customer support team ( an email and they will take care of it.