(DE) 17/11/2021 : Befristetes Angebot : RoboVac 30C, refurbished

Zum Angebot


If someone trust in EUFY’s overhauling skills its a great bargain. :smiley:


Hopefully you get one which came from a rare coins collector who used it once.

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Better one from a place where gold is processed!
Dust and splints! :rofl:

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Does Amazon.de give a 12 month warranty on refurbished goods as they do in the UK Franz?

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I took a short glimpse and as far I see there is a 12 month warranty given by amazon.de

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That’s great Franz.
Unfortunately thats not the case in other parts of the world.

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Oh ja,
but who ever knows how its handled when it comes to such a claim.
We all know its a hard fight to get such a demanding satisfied for customers.

What about the “delivery carriage of Royal Mail”?
Wasn’t it a event for all your neighbors.?

Here in Germany (Greens!!!)
only a louse donkey cart would have shown up! :rofl:

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