(DE) 06/11/2021 Mit Rabattgutschein EUFY 11S 140 Euro

Found this in a huge important German magazine :

Here is the link :

Zum Angebot


Not that bad of a deal :+1:

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Not bad of a deal! I always think about getting one of these for my mom but not sure how well they would work with how the floors in my house are


The only type of floor these Robovacs can not clean and having real problems are high-pile carpets.
Normal carpets are really no problem.
Another problem I see, are pets losing a lot of hair.
That’s a lot of work when cleaning the brushes.

I have such a “simple, stupid 11S” (Old Willy)
He works here daily and is doing a great job.

I don’t have a pet so thankfully that’s not the worry more so who ever designed my house put kind of like dividers between the rooms on the floor so they are essentially bumps that wouldn’t effect a human walking but a robot on the flow height have an issue in which case the point of having one vaccine the whole first floor would mean I either have to move it room to room in which case I would just vacuum myself or have an individual robot for each room (form my own cleaning army :joy:) the issue is ive read mixed reviews some saying it could clear the little bump others saying they won’t. Eventually I’ll splurge and buy one and if it doesn’t work return it but I haven’t gotten there yet

It really depends the height of these barriers.
If not so high the robots can do (ca 2cm)

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