(DE) 03.02. Befristetes Angebot : Spirit Dot 2


I like these ones, with the 100 hrs total time w/ case.

Good deal :slightly_smiling_face:

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Still cold where you live?
I could not believe that.
Freezing off butts and bones with such a temperature! :rofl:

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Not bad today, -14c but getting cold for the next bit, -25c and colder for highs during the day.

Not bad, working from home so not much need to be out on the weather.

How is it over there, any more snow?

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No more snow.
About 9C in München today , heavy rain.

You must have a very effective heating system in your house.
We have natural gas and I am feeding (old Neanderthalean) a tile stove at the first floor.

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Ahh, therein lies the rub… actually in the construction of the house.

Have designed the house using insulated concrete blocks from footings to rafters. Essentially R50 - 60 in insulation value, then we can manage with modest natural gas forced air furnace.

Only thermal breaks in the walls are where the windows and doors are cut in.

Also helps out a lot in the summer time with the demand on the ac

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So the house is perfectly built.
Or old one here (ca 40 y) is not so perfectly good isolated,
yours is much better. :grinning:
All neighbors here in their new build houses got a similar construction as yours.

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Yes, when I did up the design and build, it was marginally more than typical 2x6 wood frame contraction. Which is maybe R30.

House is about 13 yrs old now.

Great deal!

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