(DE) 03.02. Befristetes Angebot : Liberty Air 2


Not a bad price, but for a little more one could procure the pros no?

I dont know I am no in that ear bud business.
I have always probs with those to get these fit in my old worn out ears.
Speakers thats what I am playing around with a lot daily.

10C here in München.
Cleaned my chimney today and didn’t fall from the roof : ca 20m to the ground.

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Yikes, done from inside? Or did you have to scale the building?

We have a wood burning fireplace at the lake, and use a sweep from inside. Alas the stove pipe is open to the room so easy access.

Glad to hear it went ok, and also jealous of the warm weather…

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I have to climb on the roof and have tools like a professional.
I can do it from a roof window
and there are special steps leading up to the chimney.
The soot can be removed in the basement.

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