dBrand skins on Powercore 26800+

Finally my dbrand skins arrived and after few days I had to squeeze some time to try them on my Powercore 26800+. Posting lot of pictures, hope it will help to understand how it goes and hoping I am not reaching the max. allowed memory size to upload pics.
Let’s see… Here it is.

Just trying to show how large envelope they used to ship these tiny skins… when compared to my soundcore case. :smile:

Disclaimer: Powercore 26800+ is not included :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Here comes the problem, the skin is made for a PD version and I own a non-PD powercore…

FINALLY.… Here is how it looks like when applied

I have decided to close a QuickCharge port for now as I don’t own a device that can use it and I don’t use more than 2 ports at once either… so here is the picture of the ports when skin is applied…

As you can see the input port on the skin is made for USB-C but mine had a micro… so I have to cut a piece of skin to allow the micro USB pin and eah. it may look little bit ugly, but who looks at this port on this giant battery pack when everything else looks awesome :wink:

AND … here is how it looks on various textured floors

Conclusion: I really liked the skin and glad I chose it. A stand out look compared to regular black skin and I thought adding leather or carbon fibre wouldn’t just do as much justice as this wood look did.

Hope you liked my post/review whatever it is and don’t forget to leave your comments and thoughts.


Noble, really classy, looks nice :wink:

But may I tell my real honest opinion.
Sorry, but this is only a waste of plastics.
I would not do this kind of improvement.

But this is my view only.
You might understand.

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I originaly didnt like it, but seeing it installed I actually dig it. It looks great

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I can understand your comment @Chiquinho mind you if I had to buy it myself, I might not have done that…
Since the contest was going on and I just picked what I would like.

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I understand you perfectly.

It was a general criticism.
There is quite NO improvement wrapping a well manufactured power bank with more plastics.

I am NOT a Green, but sometimes I have to speak about all this nonsense.

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Looks great! Thanks for sharing the photos!

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